Naga Tribes in Myanmar (Burma)

The Naga in Burma are found mainly in the Sagaing Division of Burma, which borders Chin

State in the south, Shan State in the east, Kachin State in the north and Manipur, Arunachal,

Nagaland and Manipur states of India in the west.

There are 23 Naga tribes in Burma. They are:

1. Anal

2. Cheru

3. Chirr

4. Dikhiri

5. Heimi/Tangsa/Pangmi

6. Kengu

7. Khiumnungan

8. Konyak

9. Lamkang

10. Lainung

11. Makury/Makory

12. Mayon

13. Namshik

14. Nocte

15. Pakang

16. Para

17. Phellungri

18. Phom

19. Rangpan

20. Saplo

21. Shangpuri

22. Tangkhul

23. Yimchunger

The Nagas in Burma live in 229 villages in Sagaing Division and in Kachin State with a population estimated to be around 500,000. In Sagaing division, they inhabit seven Townships and Tanai Township in Kachin State.

1 Layshi Sagaing Division Tangkhul, Makury, Para, Yimchunger, and Kikhiri.

2 Khanti Sagaing Division Kengu, Chirr, Konyak, Khiumnungan, Lainung, Tangkhul etc.

3 Homlin Sagaing Division Tangkhul, Makury, Nimshik, Lamkang etc

4 Lahe Sagaing Division Konyak, Khiumnungan, Lainung, Phom, Saplo,

5 Nanyung Sagaing Division Heimi, Pangmi, Rangpan, Cheru, and Pakang.

6 Tamu Sagaing Division Tangkhul, Anal, Lamkang

7 Khampat Sagaing Division Pongoo*, Paingu*

8 Tanai Kachin State Heimi

* Over a period of time, these two tribes have now assimilated with the larger dominating Shan group.


Source: Naga Youth Organization, Burma

Lahe town in Burma – Photo by Mark AJ. -Lahe town in Burma

Naga Tribes in Arunachal Pradesh

1. Tangsa

2. Wancho

3.  Tutsa

4. Nocte



There are four Naga tribes dominating in the Tirap and Changlang districts of Arunachal Pradesh known as Nocte, Wancho, Tutsa and Wancho. All the above mentioned tribes have similarities in their dialects, rituals, customs etc.

The mentioned 4 tribes also have thier fellow tribesmen in now Myanmar known as Tangshang, Rangpang or Pangwa, Nocte etc..though they are said to be related to the Konyaks of Nagaland, but they prefer their own idenntity.